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The Turks & Caicos Islands 575 miles southeast of Miami, one hundred miles north of the Dominican Republic and thirty miles southeast of the Bahamas. Flying time is just ninety minutes . The Turks & Caicos Islands cover a land area of 193 square miles.



Time Zone

Eastern Standard Time EST (est. 2016)


The trade winds bring comfortable easterly breezes the majority of the year. September and October are considered the hottest months as the trade winds are shifting so there is little breeze. This is also peak hurricane time although TCI is usually fortunate in hurricane misses. Winter month’s temperature lows are in the low 70s, high mid 80s. Summer months see lows mid 80s, high mid to high 90s. Average annual rainfall is approximately 40 inches. There can be rain at anytime of the year; usually short lived. It may rain for 20 minutes and then the sun will appear. It is unusual to spend a 3 days here without having the sun shine.


Turks and Caicos Islanders have evolved from African and Indian descent, most arriving to TCI as slaves to work salt pans and cotton plantations in 1700 and 1800s. When these industries closed the people were left to fend for themselves; which they managed to do by fishing, planting and helping each other. The white population has only been a part of the Turks and Caicos for the last 50 years. Currently there are peoples from all over the world – Canada, U.S., British, French, Swiss, Italians, Filipinos, Bahamian, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Indians and Haitians. You may find someone residing in TCI from any or all countries of the world. The economy has grown and diversified as the population continues to grow.


Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Crown Colony, headed by an appointed Governor by the Queen. Government offices are located on the island of Grand Turk with branches on the other islands. The legal system is based on British Common Law.


The official currency of the Turks and Caicos Islands is the United States Dollar and there are no exchange controls.


There are no direct income tax, property tax or capital gain tax. There are no exchange controls. Indirect taxation comprise of customs duty, Stamp Duty and departure tax.


Electrical supply voltage is 110/60 cycle.

Before You Arrive


All visitors require a valid passport. An onward or return ticket is required for non-residents. Visitors can stay up to 90 days. Pets may travel with you but need an Import Permit, Veterinary Health Certificate, Vaccination Certificate and Lab Test Results, presented at port of entry. Call (649)946-2801 for further information.

Requirements for owning property

There are no regulations restricting foreign ownership of land. Anyone may purchase land for which the Government Land Registry will issue a "Certificate of Title". There are no property taxes, but a Stamp Duty is payable. For detailed information concerning the legal aspects of owning property in the Turks and Caicos Islands, contact ERA Turks and Caicos.

Transport to and within the islands

There are daily scheduled services to the Turks and Caicos islands from North America and weekly from Europe. Travel between the islands is typically by air via daily scheduled flights and charter services. Travel between the islands by boat is also possible.

Customs Regulations

Visitors may bring in duty free for their own use one carton of cigarettes or cigars, one bottle of liquor and some perfume. The importation of firearms, controlled drugs and pornography is strictly forbidden. Returning residents may bring in $400 worth of merchandise per person, duty free. A duty of 15% to 36% is charge on most imported goods.

International Flights

Scheduled daily direct service on American Airlines from Charlotte, North Carolina; Miami, Ft. Worth, Texas;

Weekly services on United Airways from Newark, New Jersey

Weekly flights from London,England on British Airways and from Atlanta, Georgia on Delta

Regular flights from Toronto, Montreal, Boston and other major centers

Associated Companies

Through our associated law firm we are able to assist clients seeking help with purchases, titles, immigration procedures, trusts and company formations. Please contact ERA Turks and Caicos.

Country Highlights

Only 575 miles southeast of Miami, just south of The Bahamas

Estimated population is 33,098 people (based on 2013 census)

Atlantic Standard Time. Does not observe Daylight Savings

British Crown Colony with English Common Law

Excellent banking, trust, legal and accounting services

Pleasant year round temperature for outdoor leisure activities

Low of 65 degrees to high 95 degrees Fahrenheit with steady cooling tradewinds

18 hole golf course by Karl Litton. Ranked in the Caribbean top 10

Great recreational fishing, - deep sea, bottom fishing and shore casting

Dazzling stretches of white sand beaches and coral reefs surround the islands

Scuba instruction available includes PADI and NAUI


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