Home is where the heart is

Turks and Caicos communities are diverse but also kindred. As our archipelago of islands separate us they also bind us together in common love for the islands.  Whether you are a full time resident or a part time resident you will feel the community spirit everywhere. The indigenous people along with the many nationalities that call Turks and Caicos home are an amazing mix of like minded people;most working for the good of the islands and working toward a bright and prosperous future for all. 

I am looking toward the future with great excitement. Watching new developments such as Ritz Carlton, Turks Cay, Sailrock and Royal Reef begin construction the Turks and Caicos Islands are again becoming "the place to invest". There are many new homes being built, some for personal use, some strictly for vacation rental. Contractors and all sub trades are being kept busy with many quoting jobs months ahead. 

The first quarter of 2018 has been great with tourism and real estate sales for the islands. We are seeing some increase in prices overall. Land sales have increased - this translates into more building. This trend tends to suggest that we have people moving to the islands for work or not :)  Their hearts have been won over by Turks and Caicos and they want their home here. 

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