North Caicos

North Caicos is consider the “ Garden Isle” as of all the islands of the Turks and Caicos string North has the most fertile soil with freshwater ponds dotting the landscape. Some of the produce harvested in North are bananas, papayas, sapodillas, guineps, avacodos and sugar apples. North Caicos is also known for its Flamingo population that nests in the protected wetlands. Standing on the ridge overlooking Flamingo Lake your eye will see a lake of pink with hundreds of flamingos feeding or just cooling with their famous one legged pose. Small airports with full-sized runway welcomes inter island flight on a regular schedule. There is also a ferry service from Provo running 3 to 4 times a day taking less than ½ hour. You can spend the day of there are small hotels, guesthouses and rental villas for longer stays. You can enjoy local fare at a number of small restaurants, some run from resident’s homes. There is lovely marina if you choose to dock your own boat. North Caicos beaches are peaceful, many secluded – if you are looking for total R & R you will find in here. There are some lovely development started if you are wanting a beach front property at a reasonable price Sandy Point is a prime location. North Caicos population is approximately 1500.