A recent market study " The Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America" found tht the Turks and Caicos ranked third on the wish list of planned vacation destinations for American wealthy.   It was reported that Turks and Caicos ranked above all other non-US Caribbean destinations, aside from Bahamas. The Turks and Caicos Islands have focused on marketing efforts on postioning itself as a "high-end" destination, putting itself inline to be of interest to affluent American market, effectively those with a greater amount of disposable income. However it is well understood that just because there is wealth, it does not mean that it is spent freely. Most, if not all, investors are very savvy with their investments. They want to know that when they invest that the investment will be secure now and in the future. Many want their investments to have immediate pay back- they purchase in a resort or villa that focuses on vacation rentals. While the property is bringing in a yearly income that helps to pay expenses and often has a net return, the property is also increasing in value. Going forward it is expected that Turks and Caicos real estate value will increase on a steady, even course. As demand increases for vacation rentals, rates will also increase. Turks and Caicos takes pride in a high end, low density location. There are no traffice jams,  there is no beach congestion, walking about is easy and safe. Restaurants are exceptional, service is great and always striving to be improved as demands dictate. TCI has two private jet facilities and both are exceptionally busy. Turks and Caicos has become a premier location for kite boarding. We, at ERA Coralie Properties, are proud to be involved in the growth and activity of Turks and Caicos. Let us help you find the property that is your DREAM.

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